How to translate SDL Trados sdlxliff file in memoQ

Although SDL Trados is a powerful tool for computer assisted translation, in recent years many new exciting CAT developed and in particular memoQ has seen a growing user base.

Once getting used to working in memoQ it can be a pain to work again in Trados because the project file is in sdlxliff. In fact, memoQ offers the possibility to translate trados files very easily. Here is how you can easily do it:

In memoQ create a new project:

New Project > New Project From Template


Skip the first window “document source information” by clicking on the “next” button.


  1. Choose the correct Source language and Target language
  2. Then fill in your client’s name and Project title.

Now click on the “finish” button to create the project.

You are now seeing the project window for this newly created project.

Finally right click in the document pane and select “import with options” (a simple import will break the trados .sdlxliff file failing to import it correctly into memoQ).



Browse your computer and choose the sdlxliff file to translate.

Make sure that the import filter is SDLXLIFF filter.

And click on the “OK” button.


You are now ready to translate the trados file in memoQ!

When you are done, right click on the file in the document pane and select and click on Export (Stored Path) to export the translated sdlxliff file in the same folder as the original document.


As always don’t forget to run a spell-check and a QA check before you do!


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